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Rear Fog Lights Information

Hey Everyone,

I recently picked up an old euro light switch from a member here. It is one of the old ones that doesn't have the "Auto" position or the chrome knob. I had previously modified my OEM switch to enable the fogs by trimming the tabs on the dead button but I wanted to have the proper icon on the button and have it light up. I was expecting I could just swap the rear fog button over to my switch and it would be golden. Instead I discovered that the OEM switch circuit board did not have the LED soldered on though. After comparing the board from my switch (2011 with Auto etc...) to the one I picked up (no auto, 3 position switch) I noticed that the boards were identical except for the rear fog LED!! The old one had a four position pot on it and the part numbers on the boards were the same.

I decided to try out the board out of the old switch in my switch housing with the rear fog button installed in it and, lo and behold, it worked!! I now have a four position switch with the chrome knob and a fully functional rear fog button.

What does this mean for the community? Well, if you want to change over your OEM switch to have rear fogs you can pick up any euro switch! All you need to do is tear down both switches and transfer over the board, button, and lego piece (if yours didn't have one).

See the pictures below:
1. Old switch I bought and gutted
2. P/N of the old switch
3. Board out of my 2011 switch showing no rear fog LED
4. Switch pot on my 2011 board. The old board was EXACTLY the same.
5. P/N on my 2011 board. Again, the exact same as the old one.
6. Two extra "lego" pieces. Let me know if you would like one.
7. OEM switch with the fog button in
8. OEM switch showing backlight works (PITA to take that photo)
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