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Originally Posted by TenshiWingusu View Post
My issue didn't have anything to do with my vac/boost system, the main issue seemed to be that since my wastegates are getting old and worn out, I needed to set my Boost Control Gain to 80%. This gave the WGA more vacuum to hold the gate shut. How many miles do you have on your wastegates? Try running the 111 firmware with the 5-23 stage 1 maps, leave it all default and make sure you are plugged in to AC power when you update firmware and maps. Start incrementing the BCG up and see if it helps

Ok I will try that. crazy though when I try to put the 5-23 maps on with the 111 firmware, when I check the user parameters, they are all out of wack. I guess I should just go ahead and adjust them myself? I will increase the BCG and try that. Probably could be the wastegates, but my car has 40k miles. I checked the rear actuator rod before and even adjusted it a little too.

Another thing, you know when you start the car and the boost guage sweeps and whatever map shows, is the boost guage supposed to sweep to your set boost? all the way across from 0-20? Cuz mine only went to 10psi on the sweep.. Just curious
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