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I hated BMW with a passion. Not because of the car...because of the people I used to know that drove them. They were arrogant, mean, and blah blah blah. I even used to tell jokes to my friends whenever BMW came up in conversation: "What's the difference between porcupines and BMWs? The pricks are on the outside of porcupines...

But then something happened. I looked around for a near-luxury car and stumbled on to the E90 and it's been true love ever since. I'm an enthusiast. I don't drive it to say I'm better than you, that I have a better car than you, that I need special recognition because I have a status symbol. I love German engineering, I took 5 years of high school German, and I love the car.

I consider myself a pretty nice guy and anyone who knows me could say I'm pretty easy to get along with. But if people want to hate me because of what I drive, then let them. I used to.