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you guys are a bit confused

when she says premium for thw whole program except her last sentance she meens; shell, mobile 1, ECT vs costco NOT 87 octane vs 93 octane

when she says premium at the end shes refering to 87 vs 93, she says nothing wrong, she said that if your manual doesnt say to use premium that your not going to get any benifit, which is true, she didnt say to put 87 in your bmw, ever seen the idiot in the camry filling up with 93 octane?

instead of calling the article and the reporter wrong, you should take a second to watch it again anhd pay attention

the article didnt have any bad information, everything they said was correct, the only diffrence between stations is the additives, and if your manual says to use regular 87 your not going to get any benefit from premium 93

as for the effect in the diffrence in additives, im not going to comment on that because im not 100% sure