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Originally Posted by mid-corner fun View Post
I opened this thread almost 3 years ago, if I had followed the advice given earlier on (I'm slow, what can I say) I would have spent very little money on cooling compared to the time and money I lost fighting limp modes. Now that the 335i is retired from track duty, I'm only hoping I won't be as stubborn with the new car...

One more thing, if I were to do it again, I'd drop all the power mods and focus on balance and weight. For the last year or so I've disabled all power mods and yet my lap times have dropped significantly. Added bonus: no limp modes!

This car can do anything you want it to do at the track, the earlier you prepare for cooling the more on-track time you'll have
IMHO, you should have kept your 335I. Cooling aside, We are now able to track it without much issues with the Cobb AP. We both were using piggys when we started this thread, because flash tunes were 2+grand at that time. Cobb came along, was initially a mess, but has great off the shelf tunes now for the masses.
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