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i too got suckered in by PMW,s swirl flap horror stories, to the point where i bought the blanking plates for my e90 320d at 90k

i tried to fit them but failed on first attempt, it was a bit more work than i anticipated

later i had the chance to inspect them with a snap-on tools camera , and they were in sound condition, so i left them alone

then the car got written off in a crash and i bought a 325d

i dont think there is any evidence of the e9x's range being affected by the problem, and definately not at 40k mileage

maybe you could forget about them for another 40k, and then perhaps get a local garage to do the camera inspection for you, it would cost very little

our local mechanic let me use his for a kiss on the cheek and a box of jaffa cakes !!

Regards Kathy