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Originally Posted by Mr_SDP View Post
ok so u measured the temp of the fluid somehow? if so, i may need to do the same and some the remaining 3.5 quarts i have left....

when u shifted through the gears does it stay in them for very long...for me it was only a few seconds then defaulted back to gear 2. did this happen to u?
I just went from park to reverse and held it there for 30 seconds and then down to drive for 30 and back up to reverse for 30 and then park again. I didn't even go into sports mode which is what it sounds like you did. As far as reading the temp of the fluid I have a scanner that I hooked up to the OBD and it told me the temp, but I also used an laser thermometer to see the delta between that and the scanner and it was only like 3 degrees. I just pointed it at the trans pan. You have to fill it with the car running and also turn the A/C on to bring the engine speed up to warm the fluid faster. It took my car about 15 mins to get it to 40 degrees Celsius. If you drive it before you put it on stands, then it will be warm. I think if it's over 80 degrees Celsius, you have to let it cool down until it's in the threshold of 40-80 degrees.