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I can't seem to pump more than 3 or 4 quarts of trans fluid in before its starts to spill out of the fill hole. I started the car and ran it about 15 mins, shifting through all the gears, but I still can't get any more fluid in. I did this several times. As soon as I unscrew the bolt over the fill hole, fluid comes gushing out. I feel like I'm losing more fluid every time I try to put more in. AND I can tell it doesn't shift as smooth as it did before, which is likely do to the fact that there not as much fluid in the trans as there was before I did this whole job. Is there a way to get more fluid in? Should I tilt the car forward to get more in? Please any help or suggestions would be great....
Do you have the car running while you are trying to fill it? The car needs to be running.

I was only able to put in 3 liters initially and another 3 liters once the car was started and transmission up to temp.