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Ok guys. I have updated the maps.
Few things;

1- One of very nice vendor on this forum provided FSC code for free. I was amazed. Thanks for that. I do not want to name the vendor as they will get 100 pms for free FSC codes.

2- I used single 32GB and a laptop. This is how you can use single 32GB usb to update the maps.

Save first DVD to your USB. There will be two files. Just rename them by inserting 1 at the end.

Repeat the same with 2nd and 3rd DVD by renaming them to 2 and 3 (2 files on each DVD).

In all DVDs, there are 2 files and they have similar names on all the DVDs. If you try to copy next DVD without renaming, your computer will give you option to merge them (and you do not want that).

Once, all of them copied, rename the first file to its original name by taking out 1 from both files.

Remember that during the process of updating, do not take out the key or stop it, as it may ask you DVD1 again for verification purpose.

Insert the USB and it will prompt you for update. Insert the FSC code and it will start updating.

Continue, till it ask for 2nd usb. Take out the USB, connect it to your laptop and rename those files to 1.

And files with number 2, revert them to original file names by taking out 2 at the end of these.

Since 1st and 3rd DVD will have numbers at the end of their files, therefore CIC will only identify the 2nd DVD.

Continue and repeat the same method for DVD 3.

It took me approx 40-45 minutes to do the job.

All done and thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread.

BIG QUESTION...has anybody downloaded the 2013 V2 maps?