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Big thanks to ENINTY for this awesome writeup!

I just replaced my squeaking fan motor and it took less that 30 minutes start to finish thanks to this great and detailed DIY. The instructions are correct as far as clockwise to loosen and counter-clockwise to put back in place. The most difficult part for me was to get that small plastic duct piece back in place, but I eventually managed. Everything else went smoothly.

Small tip for those of you reading the required tools list above:
The rear tab on the blower motor is actually really easy to release by hand - a dental pick is not required. Look at the tab on the new motor before you put it in and you'll see immediately where you need to grab it to release. The tab is quite big.

Again, ENINTY, much appreciated!
You saved me a lot of $$$ today and made it look easy. Well done!