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Originally Posted by 2geek View Post
The fan in my car stopped working all of a sudden two days ago. I could feel some heat coming out of the ducks and the numbers on the dial were changing but the fan wasn`t blowing. It`s getting cold here in Ottawa so I wanted to fix this fairly quickly. I found the part on eBay for $100.

I followed the instructions in this DIY to remove the blower motor. I wanted to take a peek before deciding to order a new one. Taking it out was an easy 10 min job and once I had the motor/fan unit in my hands, I noticed some rust on the axle of the fan. I applied a few drops of oil, spinned the fan a bit to get it in, and re-installed the blower motor. It worked

Thanks for the tutorial! Of course you might want to try what I just did before replacing the blower motor.
make sure your windshield cowl isnt leaking. Water will run down into the area below the microfilter, and into the top of the blower motor, onto the part that rusted, then your passenger carpet. After a heavy rain, remove the microfilter, look inside that area with a flashlight and feel for water.