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Originally Posted by AWebster View Post
Using your indicated settings a few pages back had helped endlessly - I've had this setup for a while now but it never sounded quite right.

I have the following

2x JL audio Amp (I can't remember which ones exactly, one powers front components and the underseat subs, and 1x 600? powering sub in boot)
Bit Ten
Focal 100 Krs2 (from memory)
Earthquake subs
JL Audio W13 T5 (didn't want to lose too much boot *******
Standard headunit as I have iDrive

Before I was running the following settings:

Front Components running high pass 150Hz
Underseats running bandpass 40-150hz and dropped down to -9 input
sub I think was at 60Hz

I can't remember the slopes but it sounded good, but not as loud as I wanted and I found it was very bassy up front.

Changed to your settings and raised the front subs from -9 to -2.5 and it sounds so much better.. almost perfect now. To say I am happy would be a massive understatement, have had the setup for a while and had become more and more frustrated that it wasn't sounding how I wanted.

I owe you a beer or two for sure!

I'd be happy to meet sometime so you can listen, by the looks of this thread you will probably be able to tweak it that bit more so it is complete.

Anyway, thanks again!
Great mate. Looking at your previous settings, you underseast were getting underpowered.

Hope you liked the settings.

I guess we can catch up on next meeting (check the main UK thread), if that is possible. Would be nice to hear excellent setup.