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Well, I dont really mind anymore.. We used to run the best BP Ultimate stuff and then tried the V power stuff...

I could say that it felt smoother with this and then quieter with that, but all in all, none of it was quantifiable. I guess at the end of the day, we actually ended up looking for something to say made a difference rather than actually noticing anything due the different fuel.

With a petrol car, you really can tell the difference from even 92 to 100 octane within a few miles of adaptation, but not diesel.

In the end, we turned to the ye old faithful dyno and still didnt come away with any conclusive results other than the possability of a cleaner burn due to less impuraties, but more power? smoother? quieter? We tried and failed to come to a decisive end result.

So, these days, I really dont mind.

All I do is stay away from the big companies now like Shell and BP on principal really.

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