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Originally Posted by e60oholic View Post
Well my window faces the office inside and doesnt open have 1 hanging modern light fixture about 2 feet down, 1 fan level with my window, a ledge to walk over to my area. Im about 215 and about 10 feet up.
So you'll have approximately .33 seconds (1/3 of a second) to make any of your moves happen. this is based on acceleration in a vacuum, not accounting for wind resistance or anything. lets call it half a second. now go practice some moves, time them and you'll have your answer

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It is currently 43 and raining, with snow expected thursday and friday, so I can't wait for the weather change.
I dont think I could handle that weather.
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nice, that's pretty cool. now i just realized i came off real stalker lol, i just got excited to see a local on the forums
Just a bit, I'm used to being stalked though! crazy ex gf I have noticed a lot of Irvine folks on the forum but no Irvine meets. I think we should get one going.