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It kind of surprises me that you'd get people like this at a CCA meet. Edgarj is dead on in regards to 335's being a target though. He might remember me mentioning this, but on my way down to Vancouver (WA) last weekend for a procede/dyno day, I had an e90 328 messing with me for at least half of my 100 mile drive. I have nothing at all against 328's (I like pretty much all bimmers), but this guy would not leave me alone. He would tail me within 15 feet in the left lane. When I moved over, he would follow and continue to tail. I'd get pissed after awhile, and take off, getting up to 130-140 mph, leaving this guy behind. After getting back to normal speed (70-75), he would catch up going about 90, then tuck in behind me again. I finally said screw it, took an exit, and had a cup of coffee. I get this kind of stuff all the time, from a variety of cars. I think it's better to just relax and accept it. Or at least do a better job then I did. Maybe it's a compliment to the cars we drive.