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Do Our Heaters Suck?

Is it just me or do our heaters suck? I had a bad thermostat replaced about a year ago after complaining my heater didn't warm well enough in below freezing temperatures.

Now, I feel that way again. We've had some temps in the mid twenties and it almost feels like the air coming out of the vents is "cool warm" especially the passenger side vents to the right of the driver side. The other two vents seem to blow pretty hot air. Is it possible my heater is "half" working?

I have it on 84, AC button off, dials on Red, and the recirculate on. I've tried turning it off and to automatic...all 3 pretty much the same result. Even after the car gets plenty warm, it seems to struggle and I have to keep it on full blast to feel warm.

Meanwhile, my 2005 Buick is so hot it almost burns your hand when you put it near the vent.