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I had the same problem on my 07 e92 with Logic7. The professional head unit had lights and controls etc but zero sound, no matter the input. I also have an 07 e90 with logic7 so I decided to swap the head units to see if it made a difference. It worked fine after the swap and the other car had the same issue so I ruled it out to be a bad head unit. I did a VIN search to see that I had the S677 hifi system. I didn't have bluetooth telephone or USB in the center console. So I actually went to ebay and found one that displayed the VIN. I ran a search on it and it also had S677 but with bluetooth telephone and the factory USB in the center. I installed it and the audio worked fine, had the logic 7 EQ, gave me bluetooth telephone (I guess I had the module but it wasn't coded?) and then installed a MOST adaptor and it worked without having to code it. Food for thought. It was like $70 shipped. It might be worth it to try to see if you can swap with a buddy who has the same head unit. Its about a 2 minute swap total including taking a drink of beer. I could be way off base with your issue but I wouldn't rule it out.
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