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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
I understand your position. I am disgusted by those people as well irregardless my vehicle of choice. I am looking forward to your measurement.

I am sure you can understand some of the frustration here if people started to question the caliberation of your scales, methods, fuel levels, and the truthfulness of your measuremnts. I assure you the detractor of the 135i will bring the same points into question when it's measured by a private 1 owner. All of us know to take these things with grain of salt but when one openly questions the validity of BMW published figures it becomes just a tad absurd. (We are well aware of the published figures on BMWNA are preliminary. )

Only trying to foster a constructive discussion or debate on the general car talk forum.

Bro, people can criticize the scales used if they like, but one thing germans are very meticulous with their work and I can tell you right now the car will have 1/4 tank of gas when shipped. My car's a MT and I have everything except active steering on it. Everyones entitled to their opinions.

As far as questioning the validity of BMW's published figures, its already known that their published figures should not be believed. The cars with the N54 engine have more power than whats published, so why completely believe in the weight published?

Like I said, I'll post the document online for everyone to see and when someone gets a 1 they can do the same so we can all end the debate. Judging by the look/size of the car, it should be 200lbs less, but thats not whats been stated in the reviews so far. We'll just have to wait and see.
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