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Originally Posted by Brule View Post
Stock, its been shown to heat soak quickly and has stock adapters which are restricting flow
Show me where its been shown (and then I will proceed to show you about 20 logs where its 30 deg better than stock by redline under the same conditions)? In fact show me ONE bad review from someone who has one on their car? Look all day because you won't find it.

Define heat soak quickly? I peak at 19, If I drop down to 3rd on the highway and flog it to over 6000rpm temps rise a few deg and quickly recover. Cruising IATs are 16-22 deg over ambient (obviously more when sitting in traffic or stop and go). The difference between heat soak vs a larger intercooler is where a 7" may not heat soak until 10 runs, the Mishitmoto may heat soak after 3 runs. Is that "quickly heat soaking" or stock like heat soaking? Maybe if your road racing or doing shift sectors. For the average car/guy it does not heat soak quickly.

As for these restrictive connectors. Well have we not discovered inlets are restrictive? Have we not discovered outlets are restrictive? Have we not discovered stock air box is restrictive? Have we not discovered oem DPs are restrictive? Have ANY of these restrictions prevented over 400whp? stock turbo outlet size is 1.5" isn't that a restriction too? How many FBO minus intercooler with meth or E85 cars with stock intercooler have surpassed 400whp, tons. The inlets are restrictive in that the engine must apply more work: as in you may need to run 20psi vs 18.5psi to achieve the same results but the inlet size does not "choke off whp" or prevent you from achieving anything under 450whp, its not that small stop drinking the kool-aide.

Bottom line is all I have is Mishimoto intercooler, drop in filter (I had AFE dual cone, you can buy them for cheap if you like) run E35, peak at 19psi, 13deg or peak timing and perfectly clean logs. Is it the best: no. Is it a great value: no. Is it the easiest to install, most stealth and easiest to return back to stock: yes. Is it good enough for a stock turbo FBO. I've had it going on two years running more boost and timing than any of these OTS maps and to imply its only adequate for stock is absurd.

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