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Originally Posted by Brule View Post
Mishmoto is a tiny intercooler, ambient temps 16-22 over ambient cruising is alot.

Check out some atm logs that are with in a few f ambient.

It might have a big improvement over stock but its a small restrictive intercooler
16-22 over ambient is not high period. No intercooler is going to run at ambient. The very best run 10-15deg unless your getting a unicorn reading. I can get 14 deg in optimal conditions an a steady throttle. You may feel its comparatively high but in relationship to affects on performance it is not. You may feel its small and restrictive because well its smaller and more restrictive. What you arent seeming to get is what affect that has on performance. Do you know the difference in power between a 10 deg difference in IATs? Do you know what you are sacrificing in performance using factory couplers at 400whp? Until you are reaching temps where IAT timing corrections come into play those differences are here nor there. Stock intercooler runs into that area with one good run. The Mishimoto does not.

The statement I responded to had nothing to do with if its small or restrictive but the implication it is not adequate for anything but stock. You aren't sacrificing nearly as much as you think you are. Almost all your power from intercooling is coming from flow improvements and keeping temps below engaging IAT corrections (which can be virtually turned way down or off with E40 and above). The intercooler connectors are just one of about 10 different restrictive areas between the air filter and reaching the intake manifold that can be improved upon but doesn't mean not suitable for use beyond stock. The difference between utilizing those connectors at 400whp is about equal to the difference between running a drop in filter and dual cone intakes. Your probably one of those people who tell people their car is going to blow up if they use the stock airbox on a tuned car. The intercooler is perfectly usable up to about 430 whp ESPECIALLY with the use of ethanol and meth.

Its not the best and its not for extremes (duh) but only suitable for stock, child please.