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I am not blaming the US buyers for the different pricing at all, just think they have it quiet nice to be complaining. Most of their (and our) complains will be addressed by BMW, all we need is a little bit faith and patience - its not a matter if the complains or whishes will be addressed but rather if they will be addressed in September 2008, March 2009, September 2009 or...

Of course that is not so exciting for someone who is in the market for a new car, in the next two months, but the situation is the same with other car makers.

Plug and play still exists, it just changed a bit:
Sure once you have the navigation in your car, there is not a lot you can still plug or play with but when you order your car with the business radio for example you can replace it with a different radio and buy a DIN-fitting from BMW. So its still possible but not as easy as in an E36 or Z3.