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Originally Posted by 330cdsport View Post
I tried this route a few years back with one of my previous broken rims. I enclosed photos of the pothole with a ruler in it to show it as about 5cm deep.

A week or two later I got a letter back saying that this road was checked every X weeks (cant remember the period) and that the pothole was now fixed and they had done all they were required to.

So that turned out to be a complete waste of time considering they can make up any crap to cover their arses.
Out of interest has anyone tried their insurance company on this? Not sure what they would cover in the event of wheels and tyres being damaged on the road if BMW and the council not covering it. I guess even if they did cover the cost it would be a black mark against your no claims which essentially wasn't your fault.

Interesting case of who's to blame. The council for not maintaining smooth roads, BMW for not manufacturing wheels to withstand UK roads or the motorist for not having insurance that covers for accidental wheel/tyre damage. Obviously it's the motorists wallet either way that gets the ultimate hit.