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JLC under the tree...havent worn it yet...but its light cause its titanium.

Not sure what the Reverso looks like.

Most watches in the Hamilton price range are quartz rather than auto's.

Originally Posted by The1 View Post
How are you liking your Jaeger? I'm looking at getting a Reverso for my next investment. I'm getting 2 priced out right now, and it just comes down to which I like better after.

So far i'm pretty happy with it, I haven't worn it to work as i move boxes and am around lots of liquids, so i wear a brushed stanless watch that won't show marks.

but the time i've had it on, I've loved it.

And it wasn't badly priced at all, I was very pleased when I saw the price for the quality. I love the sounds it makes. It's so mechanical sounding.