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Originally Posted by 330cdsport View Post
No brakes - thats funny.

I remember years ago when coming home from the farm in my Reanalt 9, I used to see how far I could drive without hands on the steering and just using my knees to steer.
My right foot was on the accelerator while i shuffled the steering with both my knees to get round corners.
The skills acquired still actually comes in handy at times when you want eat/drink something awkward.

The things you do when you are bored
once i went to shift hard from 1st to 2nd at the big m25/a1 roundabout at South Mimms again and it snapped big stylee

jumped to third, thought id fucked the box, gear stick was limp and i was stuck in 3rd all the way home, topped out 78mph on the guvenor (1.7tdi astra)

when i got to town had to stall, them start it and slip the clutch like a c*** to pull away HAHA

got home ripped the gaiter off and snapped the gear stick out of the linkage thing as i roared away from the lights 60 odd miles ago
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