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Originally Posted by cgtsx07 View Post
This morning I was driving in "D" mode which seems to shift the gears very fast from 1st to 6th. I was going up a two lane onramp that merges into one. I noticed that an SUV in the other lane was trying real hard to pass me so I gave the car a good amount of gas but the delay in downshifting made it not worth it to try and catch up. Long story short, I let the SUV pass.

That is possibly the only thing I will dislike about the auto. I cannot stand that delay in downshifting. If DS mode did not eat up so much gas, I would be using that for daily driving, but that is not practicle.

The thing that I like about the manual is that I have control over my shifts. At the onramp, I would have probably still been in 3rd or 4th gear so I would have had plenty of power to just gun it past the SUV.

I will be test driving a 6MT 335i soon to see how I will like it. I am not completely sold on either transmission so we will see.
So drive in manual mode. Problem solved.
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