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I did this over the weekend, I have a couple additional tips.

Removal, to pry up the metal spine part that wraps around the lip of the windshield start in the middle with a flathead screwdriver being VERY careful not to slip and hit the paint on your roof. It pry's up much easier from the middle than if you spend say 15 minutes trying to get it started from the side.

Installation. I spend at least 30 minutes and almost gave up trying to get the new piece to go in, it wouldn't fit. Then I tried starting from the drivers side and it popped right in and I was able to work it in as I went across the car. In my case it seems that the windshield is just slightly off kilt making the passenger side gap at the top a little tight.

This took me well over an hour, if I had to do it again I'm confident I could to the whole thing in 20 minutes now that I know what I know.