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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico View Post
Thanks for that. Let me present a few "I didnīt know they were Mexican" companies:

Owned by BIMBO (the largest bread manufacturer in the world - yep itīs Mexican):

- Sara Lee
- Mrs Bairds
- Arnold
- Brownberry
- Earth Grains
- Oroweat
- Ball Park

Owned by Comex (a 2 billion+ paint manufacturer):

- Color Wheel Paint
- Frazee Paint
- Kwal Paint
- Parker Paint
- General Paint (Canada)

Owned by Cemex (2nd largest cement manufacturer in the world):

- Brikset
- Dixie
- RichMortar
- RichColor
- Citadel

- America Movil (a mexican cellular/phone carrier) has 313 million subscribers, 4th largest in the world, more wireless subscribers that AT&T and Verizon combined.

And of course the worldīs richest man is mexican. Carlos Slim is richer than Buffet & Gates. (Admittedly, this last data point isnīt necessarily a positive, but still.)

I have the utmost respect for the U.S. I am cheering for you guys to beat the Chinese in the current Olympics. I think that the Mars landing last night stands as probably the greatest engineering achievement of all time. Now, THAT is something that only the U.S. can pull off.

But we Mexicans definitely can build a quality BMW.

And *some* of the comments here are incredibly racist, frustrating and plain stupid.