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ok nate ^

time for some edumaction

1: the blinder M27 is becoming/has become obsolete in some areas due to new lidar guns (truspeed S) which it can't jam. Go with Laser Interceptors or the new Blinder 905's

2: STi and Redline have the same problem, they delay alerts like you said. The V1 (of dash mounted units) has the quickest reaction time. There may be a Whistler RD that has as quick a reaction time as the V1 IIRC but why bother with a Whister.

3: The V1 has a "bogey counter" much like Escorts "expert mode" which counts threats.

4: You can turn X band off on the V1 as well as K, Ka, Ku, laser etc. whatever.

Hope this helps.
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