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Originally Posted by l4wr3nc3 View Post
It doesnt matter if your car is 1 year old or 20 years old. Labor is labor, just because your car is xx years old doesn't mean the process to install the springs is any different.

If you're too cheap to pay someone to do it, then DIY. If you dont have the tools, then buy some. This way if you ever need to install springs on another car, you can do it yourself instead of being in the same dilemma of a) not wanting to pay, or b) not having the tools.
damn, calm down lol, are you mad or something ? I dont mind paying and i know what "labor is labor" means. Just because someone throws a price at you doesn't mean u have to suck it up and accept it.

I got quoted 400$ to refinish my rims, when i did it on my own and it cost me 50$ with all the materials. All i m saying is that, like dp installation for n54 engines...some people got it installed for 300$ while others got it done for 80$, i m just looking for cheaper alternatives thats all