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Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
Ha, thanks. But I'm sure someone will flame me for "insulting" the GT-R or 911, because they want to believe that no one would ever go back to a M3 after driving those cars. In fact, Mr. Blue Dragon is one of those people as you can see ...
I myself am one of those individuals coming out of a Porsche (GT3) to M3 ownership. I have yet to receive the M3 from my order, so I cant compare the two yet. I can say that my decision to jump to the M3 and not buy another Porsche was very simple, you don't need the "top car" to be the top dog and more importantly having the top car doesn't make you the top dog. There are too many people fixated on statistics of cars and convincing themselves that ownership of that caliber magically makes them a driving star. To me its really about the pleasure the car gives to you and not the satisfaction/ego of numbers and 0-60 times. Do I make sense?