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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
This takes me back to BMW's now defunct attempt to get out from under the "Ultimate Driving Machine" marketing mantra (that goes all the way back to the late '80s!) with the "Joy" marketing campaign. I hope their intent was to not evoke the "Strength through joy" name of Nazi Germany's national labor movement party. We all know where that got us...
In an effort to expand the reach of its brand, BMW did launch a new “Story of Joy” advertising campaign in 2010. The “Joy” campaign was not designed to replace BMW’s long-standing and well-known “Ultimate Driving Machine” campaign / global brand tagline, which has resonated with BMW’s core car enthusiast loyalists for decades. Rather, “Joy” was intended to appeal to consumers who are not necessarily driving enthusiasts but love
to live life (albeit with driving as a part of that experience).

One thing is for sure, the“Joy” campaign represented a departure from the “Ultimate Driving Machine” brand message in an effort to reach new audiences and position BMW for broader appeal.

I do wonder what they found in the post brand study to make them retract segmented messaging strategy to the broader target. They are clearly still targeting the broader target through their ever expanding niche product lines, but back under the master brand tagline "The Ultimate Driving Machine".