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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
Yes, it needs to be coded. What needs to be coded very much depends on what you had in the car (Nav or not, USB or not) and what parts you pulled and put in. There are a number of threads that here that go into some detail on it. You also may need to re-pin the microphone connections behind/beside the glovebox depending on exactly what you have already.

I can also confirm, that at least for my 128i it was NOT possible to code it with just a cable and NCS or ProTools. I was enabling BT via the MULF2 box that was already in my car, but BT was turned off in it. Once I was able to enable BT in the MULF 2, which HAD to be done via the MOST bus, it all worked just fine.

My research tells me most of the time that is not necessary. Lucky me... ProTools support confirmed it was not possible to change that setting via the regular cable with their software, and I got the same errors trying to do it with NCS. With an ICOM via the MOST bus, no problem at all.

Thank you. I ended up finding a great video that showed me exactly what to do and got it done. Just had to activate 2 things. Did not need to re wire anything. Only thing that isn't working are the steering wheel buttons but not a big deal.

Thanks for any help
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