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Hmm, never had issues with 437m. I have 255/35/19 and only on extreme compression with turning to I get rubbing on the wheel well. 245/35/19 seems to be fine. Rear needs a roll then up to 275/35/19 fits more than fine. Height adjusters are available in multiple forms.
Thank you for the input! Super helpful for future reference. I think the part it rubs on is 335is-specific, it's the aux radiator in the driver's side wheel well. Car is on H&R Sport blue springs currently--with what suspension setup did you fit 255/35 in the front?

I believe the rear is rolled but I'll have to double check. If it is, it didn't look aggressively rolled since the 265/30 looked like it'd get within 5-7mm of the fender at full compression. I know e9x fenders are different from e90-91-92/93 and LCI/pre-LIC--but I have no idea what exactly the differences are.
I'm on B12s with an E36 spring perch to raise it a little over a cm. I like how it sits better with the wheels exposed vs tucked, but that's a personal preference. Here's a pic before it finished settling. I'll see if I can grab some more
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