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LTMW hooked me up with set of OSS headlights

Ditched GTS wing for Voltex wing

I bet no one else has this setup for their E90. Performance BMW look rear seats w/autopower rollbar

Streets of Willow

Featured in Performance BMW greatest feeling as a car enthusiaste.

Had a vision…hit up LTMW and they agree to help me with this crazy idea…
Photoshop'd it first…

Now popular but World's First 1M Front on my E90 by LTMW

Added some Slek Lip


So…crazy diffusor, 1M front/lip, Red Volk TE37SL, wing….result? Because Racecar

Goodbye ar dos…I'm going downpipeless…say what!? J/K…i want more speed.

Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo installation by LTMW

On my way to San Francisco…home of Single Turbo N54 for some tuning!

Fully tuned Single turbo N54

Break Time!!! Picked up 1988 E30 M3

Picked up steering wheel for E30 M3. Also CF door panels, EURO tails, mono wiper & BBS RS from modfather

Ok. Back to E90 dream wheel setup. BBS E88.

while the BBS E88 is getting some special treatment from LTMW, I picked up a set of HRE 540

Back to Vanguard dual with Performance diffusor

Picked up another set of BMW Performance Seats…..for my E30 M3. But I sold them to M3 driver.

BBS E88 is ready!! WOOT!!!! 18x10 ! 18x12 ! DAMN!

FrankiE90 checking the fitment, he has high standard in wheel fitment…I better pass is visual check!

One of my E88 was leaking air so time for re-seal, I should have asked LTMW to do it in the beginning yes I seal them myself FAIL! lol
meanwhile….picked up another set of wheels. HRE R40.

Visited EAS - European Auto Source for some dyne action. Car put down impressive 560rwhp/500tq.

while I was busy taking care of my wife, boys @ LTMW took my car out to Buttonwillow
If you haven't heard about it, track events are hosted by Speed District (tightie on M3post)
I personally never attended one but heard very well organized track event so check them out.

And the latest news on this car? My E90 will be featured in European Car Magazine in Feb.2013 issue.
Just attended their GP challenge, had a blast. I am not allowed to post any results so make sure to pick up a copy of European Car magazine.
Magazine companies needs our support, I would love to have magazine company like the European Car stays with us forever.
so please if you can subscribe or pick up a copy @ local book store that would be much appreciated.

I am sure I have forgot to document some of stuffs I have done to the car but this thread will give you an idea of what this car went through...
damn...come to think about it, forgot to add Quaife LSD somewhere

Anyways, I would like to thank few people before I finish off this thread....

One and Only LT MW Long, Ivan, Rene, Sung, Phil, X, Melisa, Cat, Sal.
John Zhang @ 1013MM. I am still amazed where you guys are at right now. Hard work definitely pays off.
I am just very happy to see both LTMW & 1013MM succeed in what they do.
Helped me out so much that I couldn't have car like this without their ultimate support. Thanks

E90post for crazy support throughout the years.
I can not thank you guys enough for all the nice comments about my car, ideas and just being cool about it.
Thank you all very much. Hopefully I can come up with different projects that will get your attention near future E90POST FTW!

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