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Originally Posted by David1 View Post
Did you do this on the car and if so from the top or bottom and I assume you turn the rod clockwise? I can't get the jam nut loose from the top.
I did it with absolutely no problems from the top, and it took me about 35 minutes.
Just make sure that your engine is cold since you will seriosuly fry your left arm on the exhaust side.

Originally Posted by 5soko335i View Post
i actually did this to my friends car, like a tie-rod end. mentioned it a few times aswell but if your gonna adjust your own, take the DP off to see if the wastegate is now opening enough, since you can run into serious problems. Just me. p.s. dont leave any tell tale marks on any of the stuff adjusting, BMW will void you into next year if they do see it, and if somethign fails down the road
This is very true. Make sure you don't strip anything or do any sloppy work.
As far as taking the DPs off just to do this?... I wouldn't go that far but if you are very worried about everything then it won't hurt.
The wastegate travels quite a bit before it closes.
It doesn't need to open that much until the exhaust will take the path of least resisteance and go through the hole.

Honesly, I probably went a little too far with my 2.5 rotations, but I just wanted to be sure.
There's nothing wrong with tightening it a bit, start your car and listen.
If you still hear the sound then wait for it to cool down and do it again.
When you are in this process, the 10mm nut doesn't have to be tightened until the process is complete.
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