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No cause breaking a presidential mandate and making a fool of yourself to the world, thats a "non-story". lol

Heres another non story. Obama has a forged selective service paper! Or how about that he has ordered more drone attacks in a few months, then bush did in years, killing hundreds of people. How about that we are trillions of dollars in debt! Yup, those are non storys too, right? Oh wait, fox news just makes stuff up, its all lies! hahaha. Blind followers being led by a corporate puppet, its hilarious.

How about you obama followers, start a thread about all the promises that he made during his election campaign, and detail which of those promises he kept! You left wingers, bash all the right wing insults against obama, yet have no positive stories to share. That should tell you something. Detail how this country has improved in the past year. NOT future plans, I want to hear what positive impact he has had. Cause it looks like the economy is worse, he has no idea how to handle the middle east, he bows before foreign leaders, he takes vacations instead of visiting the fort hood soldiers, etc.