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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Another right-wing non-story useless attack that doesn't say anything about his decision-making powers for the country as the president

The GOP is going to be SO entertaining for the next 3 years. They already have been so far.
You people are pathetic. Does your adoration of The One extend so far that you are incapable of admitting when he screws up?

Presidents of the United States do NOT bow to foreign leaders. It simply is not done. No head of state of any nation bows to another head of state. It signals subservience. This is just another example of amateur hour in foreign policy. The DVD's to the British PM, the iPod to the Queen, the misspelled 'Reset' button to the Russians, the announcing of the missile defense decision on the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, bowing to the Saudi King, and now bowing to the Japanese emperor. If you do not think this stuff negatively reflects on his decision making abilities, you are delusional.