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who gives a eff if u like benz's in a bmw forum? i love my bmw. i love my previous bmw. but i still like benzs and audis and lexus too. i love most all cars. hell, i still love remembering the good ol days of hondas from the early to late 90s. 92 integra gsr is still one of my favorite cars to this day. the C63 in sedan was a beast of a car... a coworker just recently got the c63 coupe and that shit is just as beastly, but with an interior that makes the m3 interior look plain. id still pick an e92m over a c63 coupe, but that dont make the c63 inferior to me. i would still give it props if i saw one. game recognize game. dont be a fanboy and bash on cars based on a badge. theres always a bigger fish out there.