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Originally Posted by Chevy View Post
Hello all, I am currently looking for a 2008-2009 335xi with about 20k-50k miles on the car. My father has been in the car business for some time now, and we are in the process of tracking one down. I plan on spending anywhere from 25k to 29k all said and done. One of my dads friends has a dealership, and he has a used 2008 335xi on the lot.

I haven't looked at the car in person, but it's black with black interior and it appears to have the premium package. From the photos, the car looks taken care of. No apparent scratches or dings, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been abused.

So when it comes to buying used (lets say I buy the 2008 335), does it have to be a CPO car? I know this depends on the buyer, but lets say I drive it and it handles nicely, looks nice, etc, should I follow through with the purchase? Or should I make it my top priority to find a CPO car?

And if the car only has 50,000 miles and it's a 2008, can I purchase an extended warranty for it incase things turn sour? Thanks
I believe your father should have the knowledge to help you with the questions, being in the car business...
However, you should be able to get the extended warranty on much higher mileage vehicle, so 50k should be OK. And you should either look for the CPO or make sure you get the extended warranty because the parts for these cars are quite expensive.
Especially with the N54, I would make sure I have some type of assurance...

Good luck finding the right car.

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