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Originally Posted by Caddyshk View Post
Check the Stats... Terry definitely the best of his era; albeit a Nut. Roy? Give us a break.

Stats don't mean everything....There are people out there that would argue that Orr and even Lemieux(if he was healthy) were better than Gretzky...I would give the nod to Sawchuk as totally different open end to end era, then Roy and Brodeur you can debate till the cows come home who was number 2

I put Brodeur 3 as his teams were more defense oriented and thus helped him alot more than anyone else.

The original point I was making is right now, we (Canadians) are lacking in depth between the pipes, especially when you look at who our top 3 goalies were in the last Olympics...Luongo, Fleury, Brodeur....Definetley not top 3 goalies in the world right now.