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Originally Posted by roundle View Post
Hi Cb1111,

Thanks for your response.

To answer you first question, we bought the car through the Diplomatic\Military program. The car was ordered through Munich, picked up in NL. While it's a US-Spec, the car's yet to set foot in the US. Thus, I suspect it's been filled with LL04 (but who knows).

Since we bought the car new, and plan to be here for at least 75K miles, we'll probably follow the EU maint. schedule (and use LL04). I'll probably just go with whatever the dealer suggests.

In other news, when i started the car today, it told me that the oil change would be due at 12K miles, or in May 2011 (a year from its birthday)
The 1 yr sounds about right using the LL-04 oils.

Have fun - you'll want to stay longer.