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Originally Posted by sparcomx View Post
Information on parallel installation of TCU and ULF-SBX-H
Information on parallel installation of TCU and ULF-SBX-H

In this vehicle, the following control modules are installed in parallel:

TCU Telematic control module

ULF-SBX-H Interface box High

These control modules implement the following functions:

TCU Telematic Control Module
The TCU covers all the telephone and Telematic functions. All antennas as well as other telephone hardware are connected to the TCU.

ULF-SBX-H interface box High
With parallel installation, the ULF-SBX-H exclusively operates the optional extra 6FL ”USB audio port”. Telephone functions are not implemented in this control module.

The installation location of the TCU Telematic Control Module and the ULF-SBX-H interface box High is shown below with the E60 as an example.

Attachment 165914


Attachment 165915

For advanced information on the basic layout and basic functions of the TCU and ULF-SBX-H, please consult the SBT.

Functional description, see BMW center Technology:

TIS -> Document -> SI Technology -> Enter SBT Number

SBT number: 840703056 (TCU variant US)

SBT number: 840104118 (TCU variant EURO)

SBT number: 840303045 (ULF-SBX-H)

found this in the wds version 12.0
I have no idea. I cannot find another such box in my car and in the e90 there are not too many places that it could be located as it is quite big. Especioally in the M3 which as minimal trunk space. Does this information relate to the e90? This description seems to me like an interim solution, perhaps one that was in use during 07.
I don't think it necessarily has any relevance to the retrofit kit where the instructions clearly state that you scrap the existing box (if you have BT) and install a new one, whilst also adding in the new wires to the existing connector.