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Sorry but there is definitely only one box on the right-hand side of the trunk space and that has part number on the label. It is not made by Harman-Becker, rather by Continental and the label states it is "MOST-GSM/US". The manufacturing date is 23-02-08. The rear end of the unit (i.e. to the back of the car) has four FAKRA connectors colored White/Blue/Black/Purple. The Blue connector is empty, the others occupied.
The front end of the box has a large multi-way connector, perhaps one or more additional small connectors.
According to the ETK it is valid for cars from 03/08 and there is a remanufactured alternative
Your documents are dated 2006 and I can't help but think they relate to an interim USB solution and nowadays everything is in one box. And the retrofit kit relates to one box too, albeit a replacement box for cars with Bluetooth.