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Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
Yeah I'm to lazy to drive that far tonight since I'm taking my car to the shop tomorrow in the morning. But thanks for the suggestions.

Haha, I don't want to end up like that one Evo in Tanforan who got stuck on one of those small man made islands in the middle of the parking lot.

To bad, no one wants to have fun on my days off

Don't feel like bar hopping alone lol, I sound like a damn loner from saying that.
Aw, it's cool. Next time then! You should really try to come out on Fridays.What's she going in for?

Originally Posted by sparkyblue View Post
Just turned 21! Can't say it feels that great, now that I have no more milestone birthdays to look forward to. But being able to go out and buy a beer at a restaurant feels nice.

On another note, anyone want to recommend me someone or a shop even that could 'professionally' apply some BMW touch up paint for my bumper? I'm thinking of selling her soon, so I want to make sure she's at tip-top shape cosmetically.

I guess 25 is your next milestone since at that age there's no restrictions (car rentals!) ahaha. Personally I would just sell as-is.