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Originally Posted by JamesM3M5 View Post
Carbon cleaning should run $800-1000. Not particularly cheap, but not too steep, either. It should be done every 30-40k miles at least. I bought mine with 46k, did the cleaning at 47k, and the buildup was horrendous. I noticed much smoother running and a little better power at the top end. I manually scrubbed with gun cleaning brushes and carb cleaner. Forget that! It was a mess and a PITA. I bought the BMW walnut shell blasting tool to do Mini and BMW DI engines. Maybe I'll run a special on cleaning services next month...

Wow, I didn't know injector prices had come down that far: 13 53 7 585 261 is $135 retail, available from Tischer BMW for $108 (20% off retail) each.

Vas, try replacing the coils - all of them. If they don't fix it, you're not out a whole lot. 12 13 7 594 937 $60 retail, $48 from Tischer.
Best coil prices are found here. Free shipping if your order is over $50, so order a spare.
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