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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Nice post Boss,
Why not require a license to own a fire arm just like a license to drive a car? There could be a handbook listing the code of arms for civilians. A written test, a proficiency test and a fee of $250. If you want a CCL you check another box on your appointment sheet and they'll issue an additional written and proficiency tests as well as an additional $300. I think at minimal cost to the tax payers, the ATF could regulate and administer these tests. NO NEED to create another branch of the government. But all be administered by the ATF just like DL tests are administered.
Here in IL we have what is called an FOID license (card). Firearms Owners Id. This is required for ownership of any firearm in IL. You cannot buy a weapon or ammo without this card at the time of purchase. The fee is very low and the State Police do a background check which takes about a month. Many (about 99%) of the shootings in Chicago do not involve legal ownership. Dont get me wrong, it is a great idea for those States that do not require one, but in IL we have proved this does not prevent such tragic events. Maybe something tied to mental health, but then we have the doctor/patient privilege issue.

We can also obtain a CCW license from the State of Utah or FL. A class is involved and with the FL license there is a shooting requirement, albeit any experienced shooter can pass.

BTW...+1000...I'm keeping my collection and will be adding another 1911 soon.

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