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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
A good first step perhaps, but conspicuously absent from the licensing plan is any mention of proof that you have at least some rudimentary form of lockbox or something to keep the guns in when they are not under your direct physical control (ie: on your person).

Surely even the most militant NRA types (pun intended) would not say it's further infringing on their rights to require that any guest or other person in your home, who has not jumped thru all the hoops you have, could not easily take a weapon off the bedside table when you are not looking.

Perhaps if the Newtown shooters mom had things locked up, and her son didnt have a key, or know the combination, all those kids would be alive today.

So, based on your "perhaps", your conjecture, you want to mandate that every law abiding gun owner (millions of which are having no problems with controlling their weapons) adopt your idea of good security? Do you really think that will preclude a bad act?