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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
So, based on your "perhaps", your conjecture, you want to mandate that every law abiding gun owner (millions of which are having no problems with controlling their weapons) adopt your idea of good security? Do you really think that will preclude a bad act?
I take it you do have a problem with the idea of keeping your gun locked or in a secure place ? Yes, there are millions of law abiding gun owners who have no problem controlling their weapons, probably because a large percentage of them already have some form of gun safe or locking cabinet or something. For those people, asking to provide some sort of proof they have a lock should be no problem for them at all.

Is my idea of "security" (when your not using it, dont leave it lying on the kitchen counter) really that draconian or unreasonable ? Certainly in the Newtown shooting, if the mother knew her kid was unstable, and kept her guns locked up (without giving him a key), then yes, I do think it would have precluded a bad act.