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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
Very well said bosstones.

The government will not be collecting rifles from civilians. There's no way they can, for many reasons.

1. People will refuse to give up their weapons.
2. Funding a program to collect firearms is not a good idea. We're already trillions in debt. Adding a few billion to the total is not a smart move.
3. For some people, firearms are an investment. How can the government accurately value and pay citizens for the money they've invested? Which also goes back to number 2.
4. With the amount of firearms in this country, I would not be surprised to see a revolt from the die hards.
I'm truly sorry to tell you guys this, and frankly I'm shocked no one has said this so far, but they've taken away our guns by using door to door tactics, and not just from criminals and gangsters, but also from innocent people just trying to defend their homes from criminals and gangsters (uniformed police officers being the criminals in some cases). Have you heard of hurricane Katrina? Most of the people who had their guns taken away ILLEGALLY by police and soldiers, never got them back. I'll tell you this much, if this shit ever happened to me, these mother fuckers would get 3 things from me, and in this order.
1. Verbal warning about the illegality and un-constitutionality (if that's a word) of what they're trying to do. Should they choose to not back off, they get 2 and 3.
2. Homemade chlorine gas bombs and incendiary explosives
3. Volley of 7.62x39
Not saying i'd survive, but if that's what it took to start the revolution against fascists, i'd do it. Or maybe I wouldn't, i might roll over like everyone else in New Orleans did. Or maybe just plain hiding my guns would be a better idea. I'm interested in what the rest of you guys think about these videos.