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Originally Posted by parachute View Post
I believe that you have your DRLs on and that is causing the buzzing noise, see if you can deactivate your DRLs.
Also I may try to remove that shutter wire if that's what causes the buzzing when I turn on my DRLs. Thanks for the input Excellence
In Canada you cannot remove DRL.
The reason why there is a sound, is because the DRL is on low power. Meaning its only at 6v, instead of 12v. Since your shutter wire is tapped to your high beam(h7)(DRL), your shutter does not have enough voltage to stay locked in place, causing it to go in and out making noise. However once you flash your high-beams, it stays locked and it remains in place. The reason why is that for it to remain locked in place it only needs that little jump to 12v. It will stay locked as long as you have 6v going to it.

Originally Posted by parachute View Post
hey man, go ahead and try this, but I tried it back in my day and it's not what you think. once you get resistors to balance the load you still get the error because the footwell module reads something else than just current.

hope it helps, that's why out of all my old experiments the harness I make is the only solution so far, I've tried these things before.

My harness seems to be a great solution for 323 owners in canada since they are able to add fog lights to their car too at the same time
I am pretty confident that the resistor will work. XenonDEPOT and many other HID companies have made these types of harnesses before. They are all using resistors to eliminate flickering and CANBUS errors. Your harness works by using the foglight load in-order to balance out the system, however it looks to me that you only have 1 foglight plug on your harness. I am confident that your harness is NOT the ONLY solution.

And please don't be so defensive, I am not trying to put your harness down by any means. I just want to see if there are alternative ways.

Originally Posted by a l l a n View Post
I only have the H7 high-beam and Xenon low-beam although I did the shutter wire. Maybe it's something I did wrong, I'm not sure.
When you flash your high beams, do you hear a "crank sound"? Thats the sound when your shutter goes up and down.
If it's not working, then the shutter plug inside your headlight might have not be connected to the shutter unit.

Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
nice writeup!
Thanks SESD!

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